Cloth vs. Leather Seats: Which is Right for You?

While people on either side of the cloth vs. leather interior debate often have very strong opinions, the truth is that there’s no single interior that fits every situation. Both options have their strengths, but they have their drawbacks as well. Usually, there’s a clear winner depending on your particular needs. Here are the pros and cons of both types of interior.

Cloth Seats

Cloth seating has several pros. Cars with this kind of interior are usually a bit cheaper. Cloth is easier to maintain because it doesn’t require the regular treatments that leather does. All you have to do is vacuum it every so often. It’s also a lot more comfortable, especially in shifting weather conditions– have you ever burned your legs on a hot leather car seat?

However, it’s not without its problems. It’s easy for cloth to stain, and you may struggle to get messes out of it. Cloth seats can hold onto odor, giving your car a certain funk after a few years. And then there’s the fact that while cloth is cheaper, it’s also less sought-after, so your car’s resale value won’t be as high if you decide to replace it. Cloth seating is often chosen by people looking for comfort and affordability, while it’s avoided by people who need easy cleanup for messes.

Leather Seats

Leather is considered to be the more luxurious material, so there is usually an upcharge for cars that offer this option. However, it also makes your car more valuable, so many car owners say it’s worth the cost. It’s often the more attractive choice, especially after time, since cloth tends to show wear and tear more quickly. You won’t have to worry about spills damaging your seats, as you can just wipe up liquids. The interior of your car will be cleaner overall because leather doesn’t hold dirt, dander, and odors– people with allergies often choose leather because of this.

The main drawbacks with leather are twofold: 1. It can be uncomfortable on long car rides, especially on very hot or cold days, and 2. You have to treat the leather every few months so that it doesn’t crack. Leather is usually best for people who are looking for a higher-value investment, or who prefer not to worry about stains and other messes.

If you’re still torn between the two options, why don’t you test drive a vehicle with both? Come see us at Durrence Layne today and we’ll get you into the car of your dreams. 

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