5 Things To Remember For Your Driving Test

Taking your driving test can be an equally scary and exciting time. As a teenager getting ready to take the first step toward independence, you’re likely to feel all sorts of emotions, including nerves. While you might be anxious about that driving test, you’ll do great if you remember these 5 things.


One thing that your test administrator will be looking for is a complete stop at all stop signs or stopping points. Even though you want to get it over with as quickly as possible, take the time to stop and wait at all of these spots.

Stay Calm

This one is easier said than done but you’ll remember your training better, and execute it well, if you simply think of it as just another driving lesson. Think through each task your instructor is giving you and don’t panic if you mess up or aren’t sure about something. All new drivers make mistakes and if you score low on this test, you can always retake it.

Use Your Signals

You may think it’s excessive to use your signal when backing out of a parking spot or when you’re the only one around, but signaling in these circumstances during your test shows your instructor that you know how, when, and where to use them, even it it’s not entirely necessary at the time of the test.

Be Consistent

Keep your braking and accelerating consistent, as well as the times you signal. This lets your testing administrator know that you aren’t jumpy behind the wheel and are attentive to your actions as you drive along.

Know the Car

You’ll get to use your own vehicle for the test. Be sure this is the car you’ve been practicing in so you know how it handles and any tricks. Every vehicle brakes and accelerates differently and may have specific features you need to be familiar with. Some headlight switches are on the dashboard rather than the steering wheel, for example.

The most important thing is to not stress. If you’ve prepared for the test and know what you’re doing, chances are, you’ll do great and walk away with your license. If something goes wrong, that’s okay too. Take the extra time to practice and make the next test better.

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This post was written by Durrence Layne